HARA Performance Gas Absorbers

Our latest product launched in June 2009, Hara Performance Gas Absorbers too comes with the 3 valve technology. This product now available nationwide is affordable and it comes with our standard 6 months or 10,000KM warranty. As per  our other 2 brands, we cater to most makes of cars available on the road. Ranging from the popular Malaysia National Cars to the Makes of the Japanese and European. Our range caters to most sedan cars as well as the largely popular 4X4 and the MPVs and SUVs. Click on the images below and see if there is one for you today in our application chart.

Prior to mass production, all prototype goes through our 1,200,000 cycle test. Furthermore, prior to the final phase of packing, every unit of absorbers produced will go through our damping test for quality assurance. This is done to ensure that you are buying a piece of quality product.