Greber Standard Replacement (Gas Type)

Greber Shocks Absorbers are designed with a triple valve technology which allows better control of the damping force lacking in most absorbers. With this, we are able to provide better control when the vehicle are taking corners at higher speed and also prevent nose diving when brakes are applied. With the usage of pure 100% Nitrogen gas, we are able to maintain consistent temperature within the piston to ensure a more stable ride. The absorbers are also coated with epoxy paint which provides rust prevention of up to 3 times that of the standard shocks available in the market. We cater to all local cars as well as the popular Japanese and European brand of cars. In our range of Greber absorbers,  all comes with the standard bellow which protects the absorber from day to day wear and tear which ensures long product lifetime.

Other than the standard passenger vehicles, we also cater to the 4X4 Vehicles and also the ever growing market of the Mass People Vehicles (MPV).
To see if there is one for your vehicle, please click on the image below to view our application chart.

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