Corporate Profile

Global Vision Automotive Sdn Bhd and Global Vision Marketing Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian born company manufacturing automotive parts. We started the manufacturing of shock absorbers in the year 2002 and to date we have sold hundreds of thousands of shock absorbers. The management of the company consist of people with vast experience in developing shock absorbers from all over the world. We incorporate the expertise of Germany, Japan and the USA.

Our design in Piston & Valve system is adapted from the world leading Shock Absorbers Manufaturers from all over the world. Surface hardening with hard chrome and polished piston rod are to ensure less wear and tear and increase the smooth damping of the car. Oil Seals and 'O' Rings are fully imported to prevent gas leak and is strengthened by our unique curling system and top chrome cap.

In fact, our slanting oil flow piston in the latest design, ensure smoother damping and faster response of the shock absorbers. Our product is coated with a superior finish of Epoxy Powder which allow rust prevention for up to 600 hours of salt spray. The gas used in the absorbers are 100% Nitrogen gas which provides for better temperature control with the inner tube as the movement of the piston rod generates tremendous amount of heat.

Prior to mass producing any models, all prototypes will
undergo a vigorous damping test of 1,200,000 cycles. Upon completion of production, every single unit produced, goes through a Computerised Damping Force Tester to ensure that it meets the stringent controls put in for quality assurance.

With the confidence, we provide a Six(06) months or 10,000KM warranty for all products manufacture by us.